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Ranch Water Tequila Seltzer

The Way it Ought to Be

It was another sweltering Texas afternoon and while cold water on the porch was cooling off our four-legged friend just fine, we needed something stronger. Because we weren’t about to spend the best part of the day hiding in the shade, were we? We had places to go and people to cheers. Like we always do.

But in that kinda heat, even the coldest beer or seltzer just won’t do the trick. And finding real, ready-to-share Ranch Water on our level was harder than putting socks on a rooster. So, we made our own the way it ought to be—with 100% Agave Tequila, sparkling water, and a hint of lime.

howl at the sun with javis

A beverage born to beat the high heat so you can raise the bar on refreshing anywhere. And since it's good to share while howling at the sun with your best friends, we named it after ours.

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Born in Texas. Made in Mexico.

We didn't invent Ranch Water. But we did perfect it. Our founders are buddies from both sides of the border who bonded over a shared vision of bringing the most authentic and premium Ranch Water to the world. It's real refreshment unleashed, bringing friends together for fun under the sun wherever they are.


Real Tequila's got to be made in Mexico from Blue Weber Agave. The imposter "Ranch Waters" out there are made with mixto, malt or other unknown flavors and sweetners, giving Ranch Water a bad name. Javi's is aunthentically made with 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila in Mexico, like it ought to be.

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A Whole New Breed of Refreshing